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Arrington  F a m i l y  in America
by John Milton Arrington - a working paper

My Easy Way Out.

When my Dad died in 1980 I inherited a box with pictures, records,
and a lot of names I had never heard of.  Asking my brothers, aunts,
and cousins revealed that each knew a little about my family, but
complete picture wasn't there.

This started me on my research of my Arrington Family, and boy did I
find out what a job this can be.  I found that each of my living
family also wanted to know, so I received a lot of help.  Records
from family storage came my way, and I listened to rumors of fact
and fiction.  I kept uncovering many of the females family trees
that married my Arrington's.

Wrote to mayor of Arrington, England.  Mr. S. J. Wisson, clerk to
the Arrington Parish, County of Cambridgeshire, replied that there
was no mayor, maybe he could help.  My question of where is list of
Arrington@s that may have migrated to America and origination on
Arrington name.  Mr. Wisson asked J. M. Farrar, Archivist of County
of Cambridgeshire to tell me about Arrington’s from England.  Mr.
Farrar wrote:

"The earliest known forms of Arrington are Earnningtone (in an Aanglo-Saxon will of c.950), oarningetune and Erlingtona (in documents allied to the Domesday Survey) and Erlingtona (in Domesday Book itself, 1086). By the thirteenth century it had virtually acquired its modern form as Aring(e)ton(e). The name can be fairly certainly explained as >the farm of Earn(a)=s people= and thus has an origin closely connected with Ermine Street (in 1012 Earninga straete) the important Roman road (now A14) which is perhaps the village=s dominant feature. Similar -ingatun names are found in South Cambridgeshire in the early forms of Litlington and Sawston. They are usually associated with the earliest period of English settlement. The surname >Arrington= is presumably of the type sometimes called >locative surnames= which arose as a means of distinguishing their bearers by their origins. One may imagine that in the later middle ages there were a number of persons scattered round the East Midlands called John, or William, of Arrington though and naturally one does not find them in Arrington itself. The Arrington parish registers for 1538-1835 in fact do not include anyone with this surname, but in our (incomplete) Cambridgeshire marriage index for 1538-1837 there are a few Arringtons in the 16th and early 17th centuries in Haddenham, Cambridge, and Elsworth. One should, however, bear in mind that the name may sometimes represent an aspirate-less form of the more commom >Harrington@, which derives, inter alia, from the Northants parish of that name. Sincerely yours, J. M. Farrar"
Mr. Wisson gave copy of my inquiry to Cambridge Evening News to publish. Lady named Arrington, who came from Florida wrote me. She had husband in Florida named Arrington. He beat her and was always drunk so she wanted to tell me Arrington’s were no good. Professor Laird Ellison of Bassingbown Village College, who teaches history wrote me:
"Dear Mr. Arrington, I rarely read the Cambridge Evening News, but was most intrigued by today=s issue 31 January which contained information about your family’s possible descent from an emigrant from this area, and asked how the village got its name. I teach history at Bassingbown Village College, one of whose feeder villagers is Arrington; and by coincidence had just prepared work on the twelve villages in this corner of Cambridge, and their named meanings. The place names it from the Saxon proper name Earna, and Ar-ing-ton formation is common. The Earningas would be following of Earna; in the area we also have Aab-ing-ton and Hyrol=ing-ton. The run, appears to be the same root as our town; and we would thus say Aarrington would mean the=run=, probably a wooden stockaded group of houses built by the followeres of Earma. But that is not all. The group of villages in SE corner of the county is rumor as the c=landlord of Aarmingford; Armingas are, apparently, the same common street all the way north and south."
Page four excerpts of letter:
"I don’t think it would be much use looking for Arrington as a surname in the parish registers; most likely the first migrant adopted it? Or, else, settled elsewhere as early as, say c-15, using Peter Arrington just to distinguish him from Peter Johnson or Peter Smith. Yours Sincerely, Laird Ellison"
Relying on existing library data I could not fit my Arrington’s into any tree. William Arrington’s first child was Christopher, however, it is confirmed that Christopher was first son of William. Bits and pieces of history slowly moved my confirmed research from Texas, to Wyoming, to Arkansas, to North Carolina, and finally to Virginia. I found that I had four generations of Ezekiel Arrington's, so I labeled them as I, II, III, and IV. IV was my Dad. Others doing geneology gave me some facts that proved to be wrong, so this confused me for several years. Now, I may be right, so I'm ready to write all this up, but one of my contacts sends me his Arrington Family book. He did such a good job of laying out the first Arrington in America, and the following three generations, that I will just copy his books first three generations. Thank you, Lawson B. Arrington for creating this good work. My personal comments will be in [ brackets ] "I Want to Know" 1983, By Lawson B. Arrington LAWSON B. ARRINGTON BOOK LEAVES MY FAMILY TREE AT THIS POINT IN HISTORY. HIS DESCENDANTS WENT TO GEORGIA, AND MY EZEKIEL ARRINGTON AND WIFE DORCAS HORNBEE HAD A SON, EZEKIEL ARRINGTON II, WHO MOVED TO PHILLIPS COUNTY, ARKANSAS. THANKS LAWSON, FOR DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB. *************************************************************************************** Arrington F a m i l y in America By John M. Arrington -- A working paper __ ARRINGTON LINE DECENDENTS James Peden M.1683 Jane(widow of Rev. Huggens) dau. Elizabeth Peden B.1681 William Arrington B.1662 M.1683 Elizabeth Peden Children: Christopher Arrington M.1743 1st Abigail Bounds, 2nd Sarah B.1720, D.1801, Arthur M. Mary West, William M. Elizabeth, John M.1793 Patty Rosser, Benjamin M.1799 Fanny Hunt, Mary M. Sykes, Elizabeth M. Crumpler, and Sarah m. Riggan. Christopher Arrington B.____D.1754 M.1743 1st Abigail Bounds D.1742, 2nd Sarah. Children: Abagail M. John Hubbard William M.. Mary Halsey Sarah's children Prescilla M. Rachelle M.1785 Thomas Rae Richard B.1743 M.1767 Susannah Harmon Ezekiel B.2-9-1787, M1778 Margaret Newby Benjamin M. ?? Richard Arrington B.1743 M. 1767 Susannah Harmon Child: Penelope, Nance, Abigail, Ezekiel I M.. 1st Dorcas Hornbee, M.1833 2nd Celia Webb(no issue). William, Robert, Frederick M.1782 Nancy Spruill. Ezekiel Arrington I B. 1843 M.1804 Dorcas Hornbee Children: 1st Daughter unknown, 2nd Daughter unknown, Son Ezekiel Arrington II B.1814 D.1866 M. 1st Elizabeth Ashin, 2nd Sarah A. Thompson(widow of Hill Dallas Stayton) Ezekiel Arrington II B. 1814 D.1866 M. 1st Elizabeth Ashin (in N.C.). Children: Mary Francis B.1842. M.____ Smith, Harriet Virginia B.1846 M.1914 Jerimiah Walker Bell, and Edward. Children of Hill Dallas Stayton D.1849 & Sarah A. Thompson were: William Dallas B.1842 D.1872 Augustus (Gus) B.1842 D.1934 M.1st 1878 Mary V. Gibson - 2nd M.1895 Julia Harrell B.1848 D.1872, and Martha Elizabeth. Children of Ezekiel II M.4-15-1849 Sarah A. Thompson B.1822(Tenn.) (widow of Hill Dallas Stayton) were: Richard B.12-25-1851 Sarah Elizabeth B.12-10-1853 (Laward Tx.) D.1913 M. 1890 William Lynd, Jane A. (twin) B.1853, Florence Antionette B.1859 D.1865, ˛ Ezeliel Arrington III B.6-10-1862, D.10-10-1938. Ezekiell Arrington III B.6-10-1862 D.10-10-1938, M.1889 1st Sadie Clarissa Huson B.1873D.1901. children: Minnie Lee M. Claude Brisendine, Ethel Pearl M. Charles Franklin Potter, Hilliard, Ezekiel Arrington, and son Raymond B.1899 D.1918. 2nd M. Lillian Novia Rowland. Children:Carl Charles Arrington, and Robert Roland Arrington B.7-29-1911 (Kleberg, Tx.) Ezekiel Arrington IV B.1897 D.1980 M.1924 Lillian Novia Rowland B.1886 D.3-28-1933. Child: John M. Arrington B.1925 M.1944 Dorothy June Storm B. 1925, daughter of Mary Hatten Storm B.2-19-1906 D.2-9-1990. John M. Arrington B.1925 M.1944 Dorothy June Storm B.1925. Child: Susan Elaine Arrington B.1948 M.6-16-1967 Donald Joseph Schaezler B.2-11-1944 son of Harold Joseph Schaezler B.1909 (S.A. Tx.) M.1935 Marguerite Laura Sheldon (R.I.) B.1914. Susan Elaine Schaezler B.1948 M.1967 Donald Joseph Schaezler B.1944. Children: David Joseph B.6-24-1969, Michael Allen B.1-15-1953 N.Y., Robert Arnold B.2-16-1976, and Ryan Nathaniel B.4-24-1979. Carl Charles Arrington B.9-30-1907 M.6-7-1931 Beulah Johanna White B.1-6-1912. Children: Robert Newton Arrington B. 5-22-1933, and Donald Thomas Arrington B. 8-11-1938 .B.1939. Robert Newton Arrington Sr. B.1933 M.1953 Doris Ann Banowsky B.1933. Child: Robert Newton Arrington Jr. B.6-3-1956 M.1977 1st Virginia Hummel B.1959, and Thomas Michael Arrington B. 8-11-1958 M.8-4-1983 Tamara Diane Hart B.4-15-1960,& Christian Carl Arrington B. 5-22-1965 M.8-16-1987 Susan Dorothy Palino B. 7-25-1965. Donald Thomas Arrington B. 8-11-1938 M.1960 Patricia Joyce Shoemake B. 10-31-1939. Children: Terri Rene Arrington B. 7-21-1964 (Ca.) M.6-25-88 Ronold William Siggs B.11-21-59, and Gary Lee Arrington B. 1-2-1966 (Ark.) Robert Newton Arrington JR. B. 6-3-1956 M.1977 1st Virginia Hummell B.1959. Children: Robert Erret Arrington B. 1-3-1979 (Reno,Nev.), Christopher William Arrington B. 6-19-1980 (Nev.). 2nd M.12-27-1988 Melany Walker B.7-6-1953. Children: Ryan Walker Arrington B.1-11-1988 (Houston). Robert Roland Arrington B.7-29-1911 M. "Totsie" Emma Adean Carter B.8-14-1914, D.3-17-1917 Children: Wayne Carter B.10-18-1938, Lillie Adean B. 9-4 1944 (adopted). Lillie Adean Arrington B.1944 M. Ken Harris (now divorced) Wayne Carter Arrington B.10-18-1938, M. Lynda Benton B.4-21-1939 (Ft.Worth Tx.) Children: Douglas Benton B.2-21-1958 (adopted), Twins Rodney Wayne B.1962, and Ronald Carter B.5-2-1962. Douglas Benton Arrington B.2-21-1958 M.2-1-1981 Sarah Jan Fletcher B.______. Children: Matthew Benton B.1-30-1985, and Amanda B.12-8-1987. Rodney Wayne Arrington B.1962 M.Oct 1984 Tammy _________fill in please__ Children: Colby B.4-1.1989. Ronald Carter Arrington B.1962 M.6-30-1984 Jennifer Abigail Phillips B.5-28-1962. Children: Travis Carter B.1-17-1985, Ryan Hudson B.7-11-1987. ==================================================== Arrington Family The Arrington family of Perquimas County, North Carolina, most likely descends from William Arrington who appears in the records of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, about 1700. There is no record indicating from where he came, but it is most definite that he or his father came from England during the proprietor colonization. [records indicate that a William Arrington was ship wrecked on his journey from Barbatos, but no confirmation that this was our William] The name Arrington is of English extraction, an is a name of a parish located ten miles southwest from the city of Cambridge in the Diocese of Ely, which took its name from the more ancient word, Ermington. Landowners living there in the 13th century took the name as a surname.[JMA does not agree with this] The parish Church of St. Nicholas in Arrington dates from the Norman Conquest. (Oxford Dictionary English Place Names, London, 1936). Family of William Arrington William Arrington of Isle of Wight, Virginia only about fifteen miles from Perquimas County, North Carolina, married Elizabeth Pedin, of the same county in Virginia, daughter of James and Jane Pedin, ca 1681. [Pedin of German ancestry] According to the records available in the Isle of Wight County, William Arrington was born in 1662, but records do not indicate where he was born. On 9 June 1703, William and Elizabeth Arrington discharged William Boddie of a deed of gift he had given to James Pedden, Elizabeth's father, in 1683. (Mrs. Blanche A. Chapman's abstracts of Isle of Wight County). James Pedden was in Isle of Wight by 1667, at which time he witnessed a Power of Attorney. (Ibid: 550). William Arrington witnessed the will of James Pedden, dated 16 October 1693. Only the wife of James, Jane, was mentioned in the will. (Grant Book, Page 347). On the 9th day of March, 1694, in the Isle of Wight County Court, Thomas Hutchins accused William Arrington of feloniously taking various items from his home. Then, by order of the court the goods and chattels of William Arrington were seized by the sheriff, and William was sentenced to leave the county. "Elizabeth P. Arrington, being placed under a very distresed condition through want of the necessary subsistence and protection, petitioned the court for some relief. Therfore, the Court ordered that if Mrs. Arrington would give bond and good security, the proper estate would be redelivered to her by the high Sheriff, Mr. George Moor." "On December 11, 1694, in the information of Thomas Hutchins in behalf of our sovereign Lord and Lady, King William and Queen Mary against William Arrington, when personally appearing at the bar, and nothing appearing against him to make him guilty of any felonious act, he was therefore acquited from this present information. But, since William was considered a person of ill flame and reputation, and said Hutchins warning he may be bound to his good behavior, he is therefore committed to the Sheriff's custody till he give bond and security for his future behavior." (Page 67, Court Orders of Isle of Wight County, Virginia, Oct. 1693 - May 1695). [Will of William Arrington]
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